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Grid Solar UPS

Warrior Power Systems is an acclaimed Manufacturer and Supplier of Grid Solar UPS. Our product is widely known as Grid Sharing Solar UPS and it exhibits excellent load sharing between Solar and Grid. Our Grid Solar UPS is mainly preferred because it ensures 100% utilization of solar power by using efficient built-in MPPT converter. The rugged industrial grade IGBT inverter with complete galvanic isolation ensures high quality power delivery. Its high efficiency battery charger ensures extended battery life by providing temperature compensation and Float cum Boost charging.

Technical Specifications

ModelsSPF101SEC301SEC 303
TechnologyDouble conversion Online with the latest MPWM technology using IGBT.
Rating1Ã Input â 1Ã Output3Ã Input â 1Ã Output3Ã Input â 1Ã Output
Capacity3KW ~ 10KW10KW ~ 40KW10KW ~ 100KW
DV Bus96V â 192V192V â 360V360V
Solar Input
Solar input technologyConverter with MPPT charge controller
Operating MPPT Voltage150V â 220V180V â 330V330V
Maximum Panel current50A100A250A
Reverse Polarity ProtectionShort circuit diode
Back feed protectionProtected using reverse diode
MPPT efficiency96% (peak)
ConfigurationGrid sharing
Sharing MethodParallel Operation of Solar and Grid Power
Sharing Percentage0-100%; depends upon intensity of solar power against the power demand of the load
Battery TypeSMF/Tubular
Charger TypeFloat cum boost
Temperature compensation5mv/Cell/oC variation
Charging current0 â 30A0 â 40A0 â 50A
Inverter typeIGBT based MPWM with instantaneous sinewave
Power factor0.8 lag
Nominal voltage230 V / 50Hz230 V / 50Hz400 V / 50Hz
Balanced load regulation( ± 1%)( ± 1%)( ± 1%)
Unbalanced load regulationN.AN.A120°± 0.5°
Unbalanced load phase shiftN.AN.A
Over load capacity125% - 1 min : 150% - 10 sec
Crest factory3:1..
ProtectionsUnder / Over voltage, Over temperature, Battery Low, Over load, Short circuit
Efficiency testing as per IEC 61683 Overall efficiency â 100% load90%92%93%
Testing standardAs per IEC 62040-3 / IEC 61683
Multi-functional Slar LCD Energy Meter IndicationsSolar voltage, Solar Current, Solar power, Input voltage, Output voltage, Battry voltage, Solar energy generated ( generated and delivered to Load) , Load current
Utility Power Input
Input voltage230V â 1Ã3Ã â 4 wire3Ã â 4 wire
Input voltage window170 â 270V330 â 470V330 â 470V