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Warrior I Grid Multi Purpose UPS

Why WARRIOR I GRID Multi Purpose UPS IS the sensibile choice ever ? 

Yes! it definetely makes sense to dump your online UPS and replace it with WARRIOR Multi Purpose UPS. With I GRID you will be saving @ Rs. 100/- (with HI-frequency UPS) to Rs. 400/- (with SCR model UPS) per KVA / per month (approximately) on your power bill. So if you replace your existing Online UPS with I GRID Multi Purpose UPS , you will save lot of money on your power bill which will help you to recover the money invested. Once the cost of UPS is recovered,the subsequent savings will become bonus practically. Futhermore, you will also save on the cost of battery replacement and space required. In other words, you will save money from all angles while you are being assured of unmatched performance from WARRIOR I GRID UPS and lots of smiles from immense satisfaction. 


Save Money not only on purchase also every moment on usage 




About WARRIOR I GRID Multi Purpose UPS WARRIOR I GRID UPS is designed for using any type of loads be it light, fan, motor or comput-ers or all. Designed to give 100% Trouble-free performance. Ideal for Server Application with 100% Rebooting Proof Technology. Comes with 2 years Extended Waranty. 

Exceptional Features of WARRIOR I GRID UPS  

  • PWM with IGBTs.
  • Feather touch operation. 
  • Consumes much less power. 
  • Ultra Fast Change over Technology- No Rebooting at all. 
  • Selecteble DC Voltage bank. 
  • Automatic By-pass. 
  • Specific Gravity Sensitive 4 Stage Battery Charging. 
  • Battery Individual Cell Fault indicator. 
  • Easy Battery Swappability. 
  • DC Bank Mismatch Protection. 



  • Quite Compact and Aesthetically Designed.
  • Available in Capacities from 2 kva to 20 kva. 
  • 100% trouble free performance. 
  • Both Single in-single out and 3 in -3 out models available. 
  • Normal and Boost Charging Mode. 
  • Comes with Selectable DC Voltage Battery Bank. 
  • Supports even Inductive loads with ease Very Small Foot Print -needs less space. 



Automatic Grade Automatic
Driven Type Electric
Capacity 3 KVA
Phase Single Phase
Output Voltage 220 V
Power 275, 550 & 1100 kVA
Input Voltage 220V To 240V
Application Commercial